Occupy Wall Street

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Occupy Wall Street By: Jennifer Pates 2/1/2013 Professor Chester Galloway Bus301: Business Ethics I have to admit that even though the Occupy Wall Street Movement has been all over the news I did not truly understand the stance of it, nor did I really get involved with it. While doing research for this paper I was able to get a better understanding of the basis of the movement as well as the facts pertaining to it. The movement started on Wall Street but has spread across the US. The basis of the movement focuses on social & economic inequality, greed, corruption and the influence of corporations on the US government, primarily from the financial sectors of businesses. The main slogan of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) is we are the…show more content…
There is a strong emphasis is on the evils of the opposite of liberty, primarily oppression. Even though OWS didn’t has a set, specific list of demands, the overall consensus was clear, rein in the influence of big businesses, which cheated and manipulated their way to great wealth, in part by buying legislations, while leaving a trail of oppressed and impoverished victims in their wake. By naming the issue, the movement has changed the political discourse. The movement has unleashed the political power of millions of individuals and has issued an open invitation to everyone to be a part of creating a new world. If the protesters continue to focus on the gross inequality of outcomes in America, they will get nowhere. There is no equality foundation. Fairness means proportionality, and if Americans generally think that the rich got rich by working harder or by providing goods and services that were valued in a free market, they won’t support redistributionist policies. But if the OWS protesters can better articulate their case that “the 1 percent” got its riches by cheating, rather than by providing something valuable, or that “the 1 percent” abuses its power and oppresses “the 99 percent,” then Occupy Wall Street will find itself standing on a very secure pair of moral foundations. When it comes to the responsibility of the income inequality and

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