Occurence of Crime Essay

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Within each society wealth, power and status is distributed unfairly and unequally. This inequality creates social class divisions, people at different levels, where some have more while others less (Haralambos, 2008). All societies form through the same process where behaviour is learnt from others within the community. The learning process, known as socialization, varies and it is culture that determines how to think by teaching appropriate behaviour relevant to that society. Informal rules using the same norms and values specifies behaviour for certain situations and suggests how to behave overall. However, some people do not follow these informal rules and act as they wish. In this instance the term deviance is used for …show more content…
However, the small minority within the law, capitalists, determines value consensus rules for the majority, workers. It could be argued this is unfair, workers are unable to contribute to laws. Functionalism is based on meritocracy, suggesting inequality of wealth and power is normal, the most deserving should be rewarded as individuals have equal opportunities of progression providing they work hard. However, it fails to take into account that some are more likely to accomplish success than others. It could be suggested people who have access to economic resources have greater chances (Taylor, 1997). Functionalism consider behaviour to be deterministic, it does not look at what motivates behaviour rather it is the effect of something that causes it, which if controlled stops bad behaviour

Durkheim believes society growth breaks solidarity as weakened authority and morals arise when people become independent and stop relying on each other. This causes anomie, a feeling of normlessness which can develop into deviance (Taylor, 1997). However, Durkheim considers crime a valuable commodity as punishment demonstrates authority. This controls behaviour whilst also strengthening societys’ power, although excess crime reflects society breakdowns (Haralambos, 2008). However, Livesey (2005) argues that a perfect functionalist society would not need to change.

Merton thought society was

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