Occurrence Of Some Parasites Of Farmed Ostriches ( Struthio Camelus Domesticus )

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Occurrence of some Parasites in farmed ostriches (Struthio camelus domesticus) in Egypt Nosseur M. El-sayed Department of Parasitology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine , Zagazig University , Egypt Abstract: Ostrich farming is a new field of livestock production all over the world and still in its infancy stage in comparison to the poultry industry. Parasitism is considered as a potential health problem hindering the development of ostrich production resulting in economic losses. Feathers and fresh faecal samples were collected from 26 farmed ostriches and examined microscopically for external and internal parasites. Three species of ectoparasites ; Gabucinia bicaudata (3.85%) , Dermoglyphus pachycnemis (3.85%) , Struthiolipeurus struthionis (3.85%) and four species of internal ones; Strongylid egg "Lipyostrongylus sp." (3.85%) , Cryptosporidium sp. (15.38%) Eimeria sp. (3.85%) , Balantidium struthionis (7.69%) were recorded and identified. Dermoglyphus pachycnemis was reported for the first time in farmed ostrich in Egypt. Key words: Farmed ostriches ; Struthio camelus domesticus; ectoparasites ; endoparasites Introduction Ostriches are one of the toughest and strongest birds on this planet. They can live in all kinds of climates and easily adjust to them, whether they are tropical countries or northern ones. The ostrich industry is considered as a multi-processing business producing a number of commodities as feathers, leather and meat (Pittaway et al. 2015) .

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