Ocean Abuse Research Paper

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While many treat the oceans as a convenient area to abuse, due to years of using the oceans as an unlimited source of food, a path for transporting goods, and a place to dump litter in, there are many growing issues due to these problems that could lead to the loss of the oceans completely. As a result of several problems caused by mankind, including unsustainable fishing practices, pollution, and indirect impacts, the marine ecosystem has changed in a drastically negative matter, which can later impact mankind due to the loss of many keystone species, and has the potential to negatively affect mankind as a whole. By taking the ocean for granted, we are leading not only the oceans towards disaster, but ourselves as well. One of the biggest issues that we have caused…show more content…
From overfishing to trawling, the removal of many important species in the marine habitat due to these fishing practices have led to many detrimental effects in the ocean.
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