Ocean Acidification : The Secretive Wrecking Crew Of Our Planet

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Christian J. M. Currie
Professor Emily Beard
English 212
Thursday, April 23, 2015
Ocean Acidification: The Secretive Wrecking Crew of Our Planet
Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, mankind has slowly increased the total greenhouse gas emissions that enter the atmosphere. Over time, this pollution began to add up. Now planet Earth is struggling to maintain its health with the combined forces of global warming and ocean acidification looking to bring demise. From all portions of the world, troubling changes are emerging in the chemistry of our oceans’ waters. The oceans takes in around a quarter of the Carbon Dioxide that mankind releases into the atmosphere every year, so as atmospheric Carbon Dioxide levels rise, so do the levels in the ocean. Initially, many specialists believed this phenomenon to be a positive for our planet as it meant there would be far less Carbon Dioxide occupying our atmosphere. However, years of ocean monitoring now uncovers that there is also a downside — the Carbon Dioxide absorbed by the ocean is altering the chemical makeup of the ocean waters. This all takes place in a process called ocean acidification. This phenomenon has the power to cause great harm to our planet and could cause the demise of many of our marine species. Researchers have been avidly seeking answers and solutions to this issue but they need our help. Mankind must take action and put forth the effort to save Earth from the impending harm we have caused it. Ocean…
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