Ocean Alaska Case Study

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Title: Identifying spatial and temporal ecological variability of deep-water emergent habitats in Glacier Bay, Alaska: implications for resilience to global ocean change

Mission Team: A. Kelley (Lead PI, University of Alaska, Fairbanks), R. Waller (Co-PI, University of Maine), J. Lunden (Co-PI, University of Maine), A. Quattrini (Co-PI, Harvey Mudd College), E. Cordes (Temple University), B. Konar (University of Alaska, Fairbanks) A. Nguyen (Co-PI, University of California, Santa Barbara), collaborators: S. Georgian (Temple University)

(1) Characterize depth-based variation of Primnoa pacifica habitat in Glacier Bay National Park (GBNP), using the newly developed Deep SeapHOx™ Ocean CT(D)-pH-DO Sensors (
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1 Three sites were selected within the GBNP based on an exploratory benthic survey conducted by the co-PI Waller in 2010. Sites were selected based on the high abundance of P. pacifica.
Approach: Due to logistical demands of sensor deployment and recovery, 2 cruises are requested to complete the proposed work.
Cruise #1
Sensor deployment: Establish a depth-based transect in P. pacifica dominated habitat where Deep SeapHOx sensors will be deployed by divers or by ROV at 10, 250 and 500 m. Once deployed, sensors will record conductivity, temperature, pH, and dissolved oxygen concentration continuously at regular intervals (4 hrs) for one year . This novel technological approach will yield the first-ever high-frequency characterization of carbonate dynamics within cold-water coral communities, providing crucial insights into short-term variability, long-term seasonal patterns, and event-scale occurrences.
Benthic surveys: ROV surveys will be conducted to visually record macrofauna species diversity and abundance at each sensor site and push cores to estimate infaunal diversity. Additionally, we will collect P. pacifica to determine longevity in our aquaria system, and will attempt pilot studies to finalize methods for assessing organismal and cellular physiological performance.
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