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predicted to conclude that most students will not rate Ocean County College highly and will have busy life schedules, including being a full-time student, working, recreating frequently. This may result in a lack of socialization and involvement, leaving campus quickly after their classes (Fink 7, The Survey Handbook). Each question resulted in a specific finding. The surveyed audience had more males than females. Most of the students are between the ages of 17-20. Only 39% are over 21. Overall, Ocean County College Students have a 6.67 rating of their time on campus. 61% of students have been at Ocean County College for multiple semesters. Majority of Ocean County College Students are full-time students. 84% of students are working and…show more content…
Almost half of OCC students prefer to study and do homework at home. Due to student’s busy school and work schedules, a lack of time to spend on campus to study, eat lunch, use the gym, practice in the piano rooms, be in a club, etc. can be in affect. Most students incorporate 4-6 hours a week of some form of recreation, resulting in less time to spend on campus. 84% of students do not socialize, thus could affect the outcome of them joining a club with fellow peers. This also could affect lack of knowledge of knowing about the Grunin Center piano rooms and Health & Wellness Center. Students prefer not to study, print, or do homework on campus (Fink 8, The Survey Handbook) Ocean County College can generate actions to possible promote campus life. Each semester, the college could hold a “Student Appreciation Day” offering a free coffee day with a visit to the cafeteria to raise student awareness. A concert can be planned to promote promote student life and socialization. A spirit week can be held to also promote student life, having students dress up or in a certain color representing something about the college. Clubs, the Grunin Center piano practice rooms, and the Health & Wellness center can be further promoted through more flyers spread around campus. The creation of attention-grabbing signs for the Grunin Building piano practice rooms on the Grunin Building and in front of the Health & Wellness Center

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