Ocean Park Is One Of Hong Kong’S Two Major Theme Parks.

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Ocean Park is one of Hong Kong’s two major theme parks. Founded in 1977 by the Hong Kong government, Ocean Park has successfully positioned itself as Hong Kong’s “hometown” park and a one-stop, premier destination for entertainment, thrills, and education. Ocean Park exhibited strong financial performance in the past. However, in FY16, the park experienced an 18.8% drop in attendance which correlated to “a year-on-year decrease of 16.4% and 18.6% [for in-park revenue and admission revenue] respectively. ” This major reduction in park revenues is largely attributable to a reduction in Chinese tourism in Hong Kong. Nearly 50% of Ocean Park’s visitors are visitors from mainland China, exposing Ocean Park to a great deal of macroeconomic risk.…show more content…
Further, the novelty aspect of the pavilion will provide visitors with an improved shopping “experience” and encourage the purchase of the high-end, imported goods that interest mainland Chinese tourists. The overall plan fits well within Ocean Park’s current positioning as a destination for both entertainment and education. The country pavilions could feature educational content about the country they represent and serve as an opportunity for cultural immersion that Ocean Park does not currently offer. That said, by adopting this plan, Ocean Park runs the risk of diluting its focus on nature and conservation themed education. However, this risk is mitigated by two factors. First, Ocean Park could incorporate elements of conservation into its country pavilions. For example, the park could feature species of animals from the rainforest in a Brazil-themed pavilion. This would keep the pavilions in line with Ocean Park’s competitive advantage and differentiating factor, while also distinguishing the pavilions from the original EPCOT pavilions from which they are inspired. Furthermore, a shift towards cultural education begins to hedge the park against the risk of shifting public perceptions on animal captivity. As discussed in the presentation at Ocean Park, the park frequently is subject to protests by animal rights groups. Further, as demonstrated by Sea World’s Blackfish dilemma, public

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