Ocean Pollution And The Ocean

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Introduction: Can you predict the outcome of food and medicine resources from the ocean if plastic pollution is not prevented or minimized? We as humans, need food and most times medicine to survive and to be healthy. Some of the resources we need for food and medicine come from the ocean. What will happen to our resources if we cannot prevent or at least minimize plastic pollution in the ocean? This paper will be about what experts say about ocean pollution, and how we can prevent it.
For the first part of this paper you will see what I know about the topic. This section will contain any background information I know, anything I think I know, any assumptions that I have, and what I imagine about my topic. This part of my research paper will help me find exactly what I want to know about ocean pollution, as well as what I need to know about ocean pollution.
The next part of my paper will contain the steps I took to research on my topic. I will write the step-by-step process of finding the answers I needed to complete this paper. This section of the paper will break down all my successes and challenges of working on this paper and finding answers.
After seeing everything I know, and after reading about research process, the actual facts will be stated. In this part of the paper you’ll see that I will not have my own opinion, the only information you’ll see is information directly from experts on the topic. Along with this part of the paper, you’ll see direct quotes, and…
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