Ocean Pollution Effects

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The impact of marine pollution on economy The ocean is an important part of the earth, and oceans account for 70% of the Earth’s surface area. However, the ocean pollution has some negative effects on our lives. For example, ocean pollution kills the marine organisms and even changes the weather. Ocean pollution affects many aspects, and this research paper will talk about the effects on economy. In general, the ocean pollution has the negative effects on tourism, fishery and human health. First, the ocean pollution has negative effects on tourism. The tourism is an important part of the economy. In some countries and cities, the tourism is the pillar industry and the main source of income. However, the ocean pollution makes some cities lost a large number of visitors. For example, ocean pollution acidifies the sea, and the acidified sea water is killing the corals. The Great Barrier Reef is the famous scenic spot in the Australia, it has disappeared in half until 2012, and all coral reef will disappear in the future. “Acidification of ocean waters is predicted to have dire consequences for calcifying organisms in the world’s ocean during this century. Coral and coralline algal communities and the reef structures that they build are expected to be particularly vulnerable to ocean acidification” (Mcleod, 2013, p20). According to the article, the coral will be easily destroyed by the ocean acidification, and the coral reefs play an important role in tourism and it has a
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