Ocean Pollution Essay

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Everything in this world we use comes from the ocean in some way. The air we breathe, the water we drink, even the products we use day to day, would not be possible without the ocean. That's why the issue of ocean pollution is so important and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. We depend on the ocean for so much in our life, without it we would surely become extinct. People seem to think that since the ocean is so large and vast, we can dump as much waste as we'd like into it and it will never have an effect on us. However, since we've been polluting the ocean as far back as Roman times, the evidence of ocean pollution becoming a major problem is all too clear.
There are many different ways the ocean can become polluted.
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Fishnets improperly discarded into the ocean can also cause major issues, tangling into unsuspecting mammals and fish. According to the Marin Academy's Oceanography website, there are over 46,000 pieces of plastic floating in each square mile of ocean off the Northeast coast of the United States, which contributes to the death of 100,000 marine mammals and two millions sea birds yearly.
A way you wouldn't expect pollution to be caused is by noise. The pressure from the sounds omitted by ships, sonar devices, oil rigs, and earthquakes can disrupt communication, hunting, migration, and reproduction patterns from many marine animals like whales and dolphins. This can throw the whole system off balance. Air pollution can also cause ocean pollution by being absorbed into the water and contaminating it, and vice versa. Ocean pollution can eventually cause air pollution. Dirt can also spill into waterways from top soil or silt from fields or construction sites, causing endangerment to fish and wildlife habitats.
Out of all of these ways, oil spills can cause a noticeably excessive amount of damage to the ocean. Although only 12% of the oil entering the sea is caused by spills, they can deteriorate ocean life and environment more than any other pollution. One gallon of used oil spilled into the ocean, which contains toxic chemicals and heavy metals severely dangerous to the micro-organism at the base of the food chain, can cause an eight-acre layer
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