Ocean Problem : My Solution

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LCSI 1301 Troubled Waters
Ocean Problem: My Solution
Aquaculture Research Paper
Group 11
By: Kyra Cameron – 100968109
For: Dan Kozlovic
Tuesday, November 15th, 2016

Over the years as the population has grown the demand for food supply from the ocean has grown beyond the natural capacity of production. In attempt to produce more food as well as protect species from extinction caused by over fishing, the use of aquaculture began to multiply. Aquaculture seems like a reasonable solution to this problem as farms can produce mass amounts of food much faster than possible in the natural ocean ecosystem. However, there are problems with aquaculture, one major problem being disease and parasites that are being transferred within fish farms as well as into the wild fish population.
My solution to reduce the spreading of disease and parasites caused by aquaculture is to regulate the facilities used to farm fish by requiring closed aquaculture systems. This solution would have a great impact as semi-closed and recirculating aquaculture systems reduce the amount of disease transfer by containing diseases and as well as treating wastewater that may carry potential diseases and parasites. These systems have been proven to greatly reduce the risk of disease and parasite transfer to wild fish (Closed Containment, n.d.). In contrary, open concept net farms lack the filtration systems and barriers that would stop disease from spreading into near
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