Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion ( Otec )

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Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) is an energy innovation that changes over sun based radiation to electric energy. OTEC system utilizes the sea 's regular warm angle the way that the sea 's layers of water have diverse temperatures to drive a force creating cycle.Exploratory and legitimate studies have been carried out to center the qualities of the temperature andwater and the cool profound water varies by around 20°C (36°F) [1], an OTEC cycle can create a lot of force, with little effect on the encompassing environment. The unmistakable highlight of OTEC energy system is that the finished items incorporate energy as power, as well as a few othersynergistic items. Force is changed over to high voltage DC, and is cabled to shore for…show more content…
A land-based plant would have warm water intake, cold water intake and water discharge pipes extending offshore to the desired depths and conditions. A tower-mounted plant would be built on a platform much like an offshore oil rig. The cold water intake pipe would run down the tower to the bottom, and then continue offshore to the desired depth. A moored plant would consist of a floating platform which would be anchored in water deep enough for the cold water intake pipe to extend down to the desired depth beneath the plant. All of these designs would be connected by cables to the existing electric power grid. Open ocean plant ships, on the other hand, would be large ships on which energy intensive industrial processes such as aluminum refining, ammonia production or hydrogen production would be carried out. The energy for these processes would be supplied by an onboard OTEC plant. OTEC has several of the advantages common to other solar energy technologies. First, there are no fuel costs, which should make the technology more attractive as the price of conventional and nuclear fuels increases. Second, OTEC energy production would appear to be relatively non-polluting. OTEC also has several unique advantages over other methods of electrical power generation. Unlike most solar energy methods, OTEC plants could be used to supply power to the existing electrical grid on a continuous basis. In addition,
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