Oceanic Victor's Argumentative Essay

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On the 17th of December 2015, A meeting was held with the South Australia's Development Assessment Commission who had received Michael Dyer, Yasmine Stehr, Heather Montgomerie and Donna Ferretti representing the applicant. The Commission considered Oceanic Victor's application and approved it the following day. [1]
Although the proposal has been accepted, there are still many reasons why the tuna cage is terrible for Victor Harbor, It’s locals and the environment;

It is not educational. Teaching adults and children to dump five tonnes of critically endangered southern Bluefin tuna into cage should not be considered as educational [2, Pge 1]. Since the tuna are going to be handfed and constantly in contact with humans they will not display …show more content…

Oceanic Victor claim that the tuna cage will not attract any more sharks than usual, which is odd to say as in other circumstances in tuna pens shark wranglers have been hired to cut free sharks that have been stuck in the nets.[4] “Tuna cages attract sharks, which are drawn to fish which sometimes die in the pens and settle in the bottoms of the floating nets. Inquisitive sharks may bite holes in nets and enter the cages or become entangled in the nets and subsequently become distressed or drown. In response, employees of tuna ranching operations will either enter the water and attempt to wrestle the sharks out of the pens, or kill the shark. Species known to interact with southern bluefin tuna operations include hammerhead sharks, bronze whalers and great white sharks. The latter species is protected under federal Australian legislation while the former two are not. Some of these interactions are shown in the documentary film, Tuna Wranglers (2007).” [3]
It will Interfere with whale calving. Possibly Victor Harbors most popular attraction, whale season is a wonderful time of the year. The most common whales spotted around here are southern right whales who prefer sandy sheltered bays like encounter bay and granite island. There is a chance that whales could get entangled in Oceanic Victor’s pontoons, moorings and nettings. [2 ,Pge

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