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If you have ever lived in proximity to coastal areas you may have seen coastline erosion first hand. The beaches you frequent during the summer may seem to be getting smaller and smaller every year. Why does your favorite beach seem to be disappearing? Coastal erosion is to blame. The waves, wind, tides and currents all play a part in the mechanism that is coastal erosion. When water and wind batter the shoreline sediments are carried out to sea and deposited on the sea floor or at other points along the coastline. This is called an erosional coastline. This erosion may be very apparent or seem to have happened overnight when it happens due to a large storm or extremely high tide.
So all coastlines are subject to this abuse from the
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(Chambers, 2007) At this point the headland becomes a sea arch. As time passes water erodes at the base of the sea arch and wind and freezing water create a hydraulic effect in the cracks on the arch portion and eventually it crumbles creating a sea stack. Through further erosion due to wave current tidal and wind action the sea stack eventually wears down to a smaller version of what it was originally, it is now known as a sea stump. The next illustration depicts the processes that encompass the creation of a sea arch through erosion to a sea stump. (Chambers, 2007)

Wave cut platforms are another feature of an erosional coastline. Along coastlines with cliff edges that sit about the shore these features are apparent they look like gently sloping areas of landnear the shore just above sea level. (Chambers, 2007) These benches and marine terraces are the product of wave action eroding the rock at the base of the cliff until the cliff cannot support itself on its new foundation and crumbles into the sea. Over time the collapsed land will have much of the smaller debris eroded away and much of the remaining rock or earth will be somewhat smoothed over to create a gentle slope to the water. (Chambers, 2007)

Here is a picture of a wave cut platform. (Chambers, 2007)

Let’s take a look at the features of a depositional
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