Ocean's Eleven Essay

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Ocean’s Eleven

Path-goal Theory In "Ocean’s Eleven" Steven Soderbergh did a great job as a director in keeping the audience interested throughout the whole movie time. Path-goal theory of leader effectiveness can be easily applied to the movie. The path-goal theory by Robert House holds that the leader can affect group’s performance, satisfaction and motivation by offering rewards for achieving goals, clarifying paths towards these goals and removing obstacles to performance. After being released from prison, Danny Ocean (Clooney) finds out that Las Vegas kingpin Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia) is seeing his ex-wife Tess (Julia Roberts). Danny sets up a goal to steal millions from Terry and his ex-wife back. Then he shares
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In some instances of the movie Danny is acting as directive leader, where he gives specific instructions to the group and clarifies expectations. Path-Goal theory assumes that leaders are flexible and they can change their leadership style depending on the situations. Although, the leader behavior-outcome relationship is moderated by contingency variables - environment and follower characteristics. The followers do not have control of environment, and the environmental factors determine the leadership style. Follower characteristics are the locus of control, experience, and perceived ability. In the ocean’s eleven case the team members can be described as having external locus of control where they believe that their success is attributed to luck or fate. The whole robbery plan is based that each member will performed his specified duties and everything goes well as planned, also that boxing championship will not be cancelled on the weekend, which means that most significant high rollers will go gambling. Danny and Rusty set up the path to be followed to achieve their goal - to rob three casinos owned by the ever ruthless Terry Benedict. Danny acts like the charismatic leader of the team. The plan is to pull off the heist, but what enhances the movie’s plot is Danny Ocean's charm. Besides the common shared goal, the film also focuses on
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