Oceanview Assignment 1 - Discussion Questions

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Assignment 1 – Discussion Questions
Factors Favoring Acceptance
1. The location being in Ocean City will be favorable for all auditors conducting the audit. This will allow for ease of travel for all auditors involved. This will also lend to the knowledge the firm has of the business and all relevant operations pertaining to Oceanview Marine Company.
2. The financial statements are organized in an easy-to-read fashion. They support that Oceanview is a healthy company and has been for the past three years. The past three years have been audited annually in accordance with their bank and management decisions.
Concerns about Acceptance
1. The location of the firm and client could lend to more knowledge but the client preferring this
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4b. Client’s Permission.
- The client may have had an issue with the predecessor auditor and this could be the reason for the switch. The client may not want the successor auditor knowing of the past audits for several reasons. An unqualified opinion may have been accessed by the successor that the client did not agree with. The client may not want this to happen so they switched auditors to try and gain a qualified opinion. Also, the client may want to start fresh with a new firm and receive a completely new opinion to ensure that their financial statements are still assuredly presented in a qualified manner.
4c. Successor reviews of predecessor audits.
- The successor should review previous audits in order to whether problems exist that may impact the successor’s acceptance of the audit. Also, the successor should review previous audits in order to have confidence in the current/past figures presented on the client’s financial

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