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Molten eyes scanned across the sea of London's busiest street in the shopping district. The browns and grays of the everyday peoples gave way to the occasional colorful attire of the rich clientele. The smell of sweets and cooked meats mingles with that of perfumes and incense.

Adela could sense her charge but could not see him. She contemplated following the trail of aura back from where she had found it and waiting for him at what ever residence it was he occupied, but she knew she had to be tactful. Humans were such fickle creatures, and anything supernatural tended to cause panic and upset in their dull lives. She couldn't risk anything.

She shifted to her opposite hip. So troublesome it was to dress in this period's clothing.

So many
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Looking down, her orbs locked with dull green ones. The little creature was rubbing against her black skirts, little vibrations catching against her ankle as it broke under the umbrella of lace. The cat poked its head out and mewled up at her. Smiling softly, the goddess reached down and picked up the tortoiseshell animal and held it to her breast.

"Such a beautiful creature."

Startled slightly, Adela looked to the voice that had spoken to her. Neatly combed black hair arranged itself around a perfectly angular face. Butler's clothing adorned the tall and lithe frame of the man, his maroon eyes locked onto the feline in her arms. A young boy, obviously his master, stood to his left. Richly dressed in shades of blue to accentuate his eyes, the young lord looked rather annoyed. His one blue eye was narrowed.

Blinking, the woman stared at the duo. She could feel the pureness of the soul belonging to the child, and the lack there-of in relation to his butler. A malignant creature then. And his prey. Such an odd choice, she mused, as pure souls rarely wanted anything to do with creatures such as demons. She let her mind lick at the outer layer of his being, and she smiled at the feel of the aura.

It was him.

Red collided with gold as the demon butler looked into the woman's
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What does this have anything to do with the recent disappearances of children?" Ciel spoke.

"Well, my lord, there is a serpentine... Woman, of sorts, who was cursed by the Greek goddess Hera. You know of Zues's wife, yes?" Silence. "You know, why don't we just bring your friend into this?"

"Adela is a lady of high standing. Do you mean to say she is involved?" Laughter ensued.

"No, my Lord. She is listening in, I'm sure, and with her origins, the creature you seek is a daemon she has probably dealt with."

Intense, white pain shot through the goddess, and she gasped as the magic she wove rebounded at her with intense force. She reached out to steady herself on anything close by. The anything turned out to be an angry demon, a low growl emitting from deep in his chest.

She had never had much freedom. She was grateful for the opportunity to be involved as she was now in the realm of humans. However, she hadn't the slightest clue what to do in this exact moment. She had been found out. To what extend, she wasn't sure at the moment nor did she have time to think. And now? Her focus shifted to the man she yanked herself from. Red eyes flashed maliciously, swirling with dark promises of pain.
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