Octavia Spencer : An Analysis

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‘“Dreams have as much influence as actions”’(Mallarme). Octavia Spencer's dream was to become an actress, but in order to accomplish this she had to put forth time and effort. Octavia had her share of obstacles, but she pushed through them to get to where she is today. She was not the wealthiest, the smartest, or even the best looking. However, she had determination, with this she stood out among the rest of the competition. Octavia is who she is today because of her family, her education and her heart. Dellsena Spencer, a single mother of six waited patiently to welcome Octavia Spencer into the world (Deloza, 2015). “Finally on May 25, 1972 Octavia was born in Montgomery, Alabama”(Deloza, 2015, p.18).Octavia was not born into a wealthy family. Her mother worked as a maid and had many other small jobs in order to support the family (Octavia Spencer, 2017) Despite their financial problems Octavia still had the dream of attending college and becoming a leader for others. In an interview by Keating and Mcniece Octavias said ‘“I had a very strong mom who made me and my sisters understand that there were no limitations on our lives except what we placed on ourselves”’ (Keating & Mcniece, 2017, p.66). Octavias mother was a role model. She pushed her children to become something more than a maid she taught them to push through the boundaries that were blocking their road to success. Octavia loved to read in her free time as a child. Her mother would bring home books every once

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