Octavio Ocampo Essay

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Every person has feelings. These feelings are aroused by a catalyst. A touch, a smell, a sight. When a person does art, his or her duty is to titillate the viewer. His or her work must be passionate, captivating and able to be thought about. When an artist renders a piece, be it a painting, water color, sculpture, dance or poem, he or she must inspire the viewer to come back and look at it a second and a third time. The artist must expand his or her mind to engulf others. Octavio Ocampo has accomplished all this and more. Around the world millions of people have become enthralled with his innovative style. People are fascinated by his work. Everyone from the art connoisseur to businessmen and professionals are thrilled by the reactions …show more content…
He also sculpts, acts and dances. He studied all three of these disciplines while enrolled in the institute in San Francisco. He pursued a career in both film and theater until 1976 when he devoted himself solely to art
Ocampo was born On February 28, 1943 in Celaya, a village located in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico. Guanajuato is a city where Mexican art and culture can be explored and discovered. The state itself is located in the central part of Mexico, between Jalisco and Michoacan. Celaya, as well as Leon and San Miguel de Allende are know for their beautiful landscape and exquisiteness of the merchandise sold there. Guanajuato has a climate averaging 65.5 degrees Fahrenheit and lays about 2000 meters above seal level on the plateau. Its name comes from the Tarascan dialect which means “Place of Frogs.”
Another well known Latin American artist finds his roots in Guanajuato, Mexico. Diego Rivera grew up in Celaya as well. Rivera (1886-1957) is one of the most renowned Latin American artists. He is known for his murals. His deeds include the founding of the Mexican Muralist Movement with Jose Clement Orozco and David Siqueiros. They painted their first mural at the Anfiteatro Bolivar at the National Predatory School in Mexico City. Rivera also painted numerous murals in Mexico City and the United States, including those in the Palacio Nacional, Ministerio de Educacion Publica, the San Francisco Stock Exchange, Detroit's Institute of
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