October 10, 2013 I Lost A Family Member Due To Violence

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October 10, 2013 I lost a family member due to violence and knew that I had to raise my daughter, Zahylee, differently than my guardians tried raising myself. My interest in becoming an early childhood educator opened a world of courses that I would take to grow as a teacher but more importantly as a parent. I realized the terminology and techniques of early childhood education could help me become the parent I want to be, the authoritative parent. Through the course, Child Growth and Development, I adopted a new outlook of parenting that considered the influence of society and learned to consciously discipline my child. Furthermore, I knew that educating myself would insure a productive environment for my daughter, Zahylee.
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In the course, Child Growth and Development I learned of three different parenting styles. Authoritarian, a “parents-know-best” approach to parenting and allows little opportunity for the child to question unreasonable expectations. Authoritarian parents respond to the question “Why?” by stating “Because I said so.” After learning more I was shocked to find that this parenting style could cause my child to lack some critical social and communication skills that are important for development of leadership abilities. Neglectful parenting is a style with little engagement between parent and children. Children of neglectful parents tend to have behavior issues due to lack of self-control and lack of interest in following rules. Indulgent parents are more like friends to their children. I had a friend whose mother was indulgent. My friend had no respect for her mother and I would be damned if my daughter lacked respect for authority. Throughout the course, I learned that I wanted to be an authoritative parent, for the most part. Authoritative parenting style blends a caring tone with structure and consistent limit-setting obedience. This style also allows children to make their own decisions based upon their own reasoning. Children benefit in ways such as emotional regulation, flexible thinking and social competence. As an early childhood educator, I was told that the ideal parenting style is that of an authoritative

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