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Mrs.Casey Monday, October 20th—Friday, October 24th

Close Reading Practice (Style Analysis) & Review
You must complete all parts of this homework packet! There are 4 pages.

Part I: Annotating Fiction
Annotating fiction means “to add critical or explanatory notes to a text” (Encarta). Specifically, it requires you to do the following types of things:
Pick out literary techniques used by the author and explain their effect
Draw conclusions or inferences about characters.
Observe details about a character or setting.
Form questions to better understand the text.
Make predictions about the story.
Make connections to real life.

Directions: You must annotate (underline or
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She was with me when I drove north to attend that ill-fated seminar at Berkeley.

Part II: Style Analysis Chart

1. Describe the author’s diction/word choice. (simple/flowery, modern/old-fashioned, general/specific, formal/informal, plain/fancy, colloquial/poetic) Does the author repeat any words/phrases? Underline /circle words that stand out. Also list the words below. Try to categorize them.

2. Describe the sentences the author uses. (long/short, wordy/direct, simple/complex, plain/ornate, straightforward/elaborate, fragments) Do you notice any patterns in the author’s sentences?

3. What effect does Clarke’s diction and sentence structures (style) have on the reader?

Part IV: Grammar Review

Directions: Identify whether each group of words is a PH (phrase) or a CL (clause).

_____within the neighborhood _____because we wanted to

_____although I can’t stand him _____behind the sink

_____after you realized your mistake _____without my book

Directions: Identify whether each clause is an I (independent) or a D (dependent) clause.
_____when we tried hard _____we lost

_____although she ran fast _____when my mother yells

_____I listen _____she went to the party alone

Directions: Identify the type of sentence – simple (I), compound (I, fanboy I or I;I), or complex (D,I ID or I wedge D).

Though I
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