October Crisis

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Some Canadians think that our history with everyone, including the French was all peaceful and perfect. It must have been all “rainbows and butterflies” and life could not have been bad. Although the French is fine with the English now, back in the period of 1914 to 2000, relations were strained. It was as if the French wanted to fight against the English for what the French wanted. French-English relations in Canada over the past century were controversial over conscription, the October Crisis, and the 1992 and 1995 Referendum.

Conscription proved to be quite of a relation strainer over the past century. The First World War carried a big fuss on conscription. English-Canadians thought Quebec was useless in World War One. French-Canadians
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The Front de Libération du Québec, or the FLQ was the main group that was responsible for the October Crisis. This group of French Canadians were violent to reach their goals. FLQ members were trained by revolutionaries who supported Che Guevara, and some were trained by Palestinian commandos. They’ve committed 200 violent actions, have robbed banks, and participated in bombings. Not only did they commit those actions but they also kidnapped British Trade Commissioner James Cross and kidnapped Pierre Laporte. Laporte was found dead on October 17, 1970 which led to Prime Minister Trudeau broadcasting the FLQ manifesto and transporting five FLQ terrorists to Cuba to release James Cross. The government responded to this crisis by implementing the War Measures Act. This gave the government the power to take people’s civil rights away. They responded with the crisis using the War Measures Act as they believed that the people wanted to overthrow the Canadian government. French-English relations were greatly affected from the October…show more content…
Conscription proved itself on angering many French Canadians. The October Crisis showed how French Canadians can fight back against Canada. The 1992 and 1995 Referendums demonstrated the actions that the French can take if they are ignored. Becoming aware of Canada’s actions can prevent straining French-English relations to the point where it cannot be
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