October Sky Essay

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Homer Hickam was a teenage boy from a mining town in West Virginia called Coalwood. He inspired to build rockets when he seen the first artificial satellite, Sputnik, streak across the stars. With his friends and the local nerd, Homer sets out to do just that but with many errors and trials. Along with the town, Homer's father thought they were wasting their time with their rockets. He wanted Homer to be a coal miner just like everyone else but Homer knew he didn't belong there. As time went on, some people from town became interested in seeing the homemade missiles launch into the sky. The boys became popular and were known as the "Rocketboys" around town.

When Homer and his friends fired one of the first rockets off and it crashed
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During this time Homer's dad was really disappointed in him because he quit football to build these rockets. Homer says he is never going to mine coal. One day after they shot off a rocket, the police came to the school to arrest Homer and his friends for starting a forest fire. They gave up on building rockets because all of their dreams were crushed. That night his father was hurt mining and Homer quit school and worked in the mines to help pay the hospital bills. His dad changed his attitude about Homer when he worked in the mines because he thought he was doing the right thing. Homer didn't like it at all and his hopes and dreams were gone. After work one night, Homer's mom told him that Miss Reilly was sick. When he went to visit her, she told him that he didn't belong in the mine and that he needed to stick to his dreams. That night he opened the book she gave him and started to work on the math and where the rocket went when the police said that it started the fire. He calculated that he didn't start the fire.

Homer quit his job, went back to school, and won the County Science Fair. He was sent to Indianapolis for the National Science Fair. His dad was disappointed again that Homer went back to building rockets. He was the only one in town who didn't believe in Homer and his friends. His father helped him out when all of Homer's rocket supplies were stolen in Indianapolis the night before the science fair. His father made him

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