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Case Study Analysis: Tufts-NEMC

Ellen Zane had her work cut out for her at Tufts-NEMC. The Tufts University affiliated teaching and research hospital had long been on the decline. It was mired in financial difficulty, was falling behind other teaching and research AMCs, and was not effectively serving its local community. Beginning on the day she accepted her position as CEO, Ellen Zane started on a path of reform. Upon learning that the hospital only had 10 months of cash on hand, she began brainstorming on how to make the hospital financially viable, starting by meeting payroll needs first. She discovered that Tufts-NEMC was being drastically underpaid and began looking for solutions to the problem of reimbursements. One of the more
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Financial security remains one of the hospital’s major challenges. Branding is also an issue. Tufts-NEMC does not have a strong presence in the local community, and can improve its standing among other AMCs. Findings its place among its competitors and creating a legacy are key components of sustainability.
In analyzing this case study, we looked toward the McKinsey 7-S Model. This model was created and developed by Peters and Waterman of McKinsey and Company. They investigated 43 companies in the US, such as IMB, McDonald’s, TI, HP, etc., all of which were outstanding in their industries, and found common points of success for these organizations. The McKinsey Model is the result of this research. The model consists of 7 elements: Shared Value, Strategy, Structure, Systems, Style, Staff, and Skill. The elements are of crucial importance to the organization and need to be aligned when organizations experience change or challenges. These elements have been outlined below.

Strategy refers to the plan or action taken to achieve organizational goals. When Ellen took over Tufts-NEMC, the hospital was struggling with payroll and scale. Ellen had to focus on meeting payroll, a short-term strategy, and could not focus entirely on the longer term. She took some immediate measures to help cut cost
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