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The case is focused on major issues faced by Templeton Hardware while operating newly acquired businesses. The given case is a best example of poor organisational management. Templeton hardware was willing to expand its business in new products and services hence they acquired The Great Outdoors and Lodeston Landscapes.
Actions taken by Templeton
Decisions for acquiring two companies were taken by the company in hurry and all the implementation and changes took place very quickly. The company changed the name of both the acquired companies from the great outdoors to Templeton Caravans and from Lodeston Landscapes to Templeton landscape solutions. Templeton planned to operate all the business from existing hardware store locations. All The
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Establishing various processes and inter department coordination is a cumbersome task (Jinhong Xie, X. Michael Song and Anne Stringfellow, 1998). The risk associated with new product development is very high as it is unclear that product will be accepted by the customer or not. Acquiring existing business reduce the risk associated with new product. The product is already accepted by the customer and company is well established brand name with a customer base. Instead of developing a new product, it is good to acquire existing business. Acquisition helps in extending market and taps the opportunity (Shelton, 1988). I feel that the decision to acquire an existing business was the right decision but selection of business was not wisely and implementation was also not managed rightly.
Negative Aspects of the Process: Customers were having high expectation because the company was well known in hardware market and holding high perceived value. Templeton was unable to match customer expectation due to its poor sales service, no innovation in technology and poor approach to the locations. The company was also unsuccessful in retaining the image and employees of acquired companies. The major negative aspects of the processes were poor employee and customer management. No training was provided to employees on new product and services. Customer was also not treated well while selling the products. Another drawback was ignoring landscaping
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