Od Corporate Rebranding

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The case is focused on major issues faced by Templeton Hardware while operating newly acquired businesses. The given case is a best example of poor organisational management. Templeton hardware was willing to expand its business in new products and services hence they acquired The Great Outdoors and Lodeston Landscapes. Actions taken by Templeton Decisions for acquiring two companies were taken by the company in hurry and all the implementation and changes took place very quickly. The company changed the name of both the acquired companies from the great outdoors to Templeton Caravans and from Lodeston Landscapes to Templeton landscape solutions. Templeton planned to operate all the business from existing hardware store locations. All…show more content…
* Retailing of those items which required same dealing and processes like electronics, home appliances and mobile etc. Threats: * Hardware manufacturer and retailers existing in the market are biggest threat * Dissatisfied customers are also a threat to the organisation. They spread bad word of mouth which create negative image of the company and de-motivate potential customers From the above SWOT analysis we can see that the company faced challenges due to its weaknesses (Danca). Templeton was failed to manage the existing employee of the acquired companies and unable to formed right strategy due to lack of research data and information. Problem faced by Templeton in implementing the process The primary problem faced by Templeton was poor employee and customer management. The secondary problem faced by Templeton was lack of proper strategy and change management. * All the implementation was done in a short span of time hence company was not able to form a good skilled
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