Od in Hoosiers

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OD in the movie Hoosiers

Organizational Change
Professor R. Conejo
October 19, 2010 OD in the movie Hoosiers The movie Hoosiers was a great story that dealt with many of the topics covered in our readings for the week. The story is about a small-town Indiana basketball team that overcomes many challenges to win the state championship. The main character of the movie is Norman Dale, a passionate basketball coach that faces many obstacles in his attempt to teach his players about the benefits of working together as a team. The movie dealt with many team oriented topics such as team development, interdependence, group cohesiveness, intergroup problems, and confrontation. The movie begins with Dale making his way to the
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After confronting her he explained his position and over time eventually gained her respect. He did the same with the townspeople, attending their meetings to confront them and to defend his methods.
The movie Hoosiers was a great example of how success can be found through teamwork and cohesiveness. Many of the lessons that are found within the movie directly relate to the lesson we learned in our readings for the week. The importance of each and every member of the team and the realization that no one member is more important than the next is a valuable lesson to be learned from the movie. Another important lesson to be learned from the movie is that while the results of a change may not be immediately noticed, believing in each other and in the team can be beneficial in the long run. Changes may not always have immediate results that are favorable, but sticking with the planned change and having each team member fully committed to it can be beneficial in the long run. Not only will the performance of the team improve, but the performance of each individual member of that team will improve as well.

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