Oda Nobunaga Research Paper

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To weigh up out different representations, it important to know who exactly Oda Nobunaga was and what he achieved. Even if you don't understand , I'm sure you have a vague idea. Oda Nobunaga was born in Owari Province , Japan into the Fujimara family in 1534. He succeeded his father's estate in 1549, and by 1560 he controlled the entirety of Owari and defeated the neighbouring overlord. Through alliances and military missions, he managed to unify Japan; to die in 1582 on June 21st Oda Nobunaga was a huge player in the development of Japan; and thus, his legend inspires many creators to use his life in their shows. Nobuna Oda, one of the reverse gender versions of Nobunaga is otherwise known as the "Fool of Owari" by her enemies. Let's look…show more content…
•Her goal is to unite Japan , and be on the same level of power as European countries. Oda Nobunaga also intended to unify Japan in return for strong political positions. •Flamboyant Attitude - Nobunaga was also known to have a rather unique personality , and even threw incense at the alter during his father's Funeral. His attitude also made it hard for him to originally unite the Oda clan and become the true leader. •Made a scene at father's funeral - Whilst Nobunaga threw incense, she also acted up, and as a consequence also gained the distrust of some of her followers. Differences: •Big difference here - She's not male. Oda Nobunaga was a man, not a girl in a harem. •Falls in love with the character that represents Toyotoma Hideyoshi; Yoshiharu. Hideyoshi assisted Nobunaga's ambition to unify Japan during the Sengoku era •Yoshiharu actually reversed a lot of Nonubuna's decisions , and in a sense - changed a lot of what Nobuna had planned out of the blue. Nobunaga would likely have had joined meetings to decide one plan, and no one would suddenly change
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