Oday, Graphic Design Has Taken Over The Entire World. “In

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oday, graphic design has taken over the entire world. “In recent years, design has become an international phenomenon affecting an increasing number of countries from the developing world and designers play a major role in the process of cultural and sustainable development” (Sasaki, Sali). Some may think it’s just a simple color or a logo, but it’s not just that. It’s a way of persuasion. Graphic designers alter the way an individual goes about their daily life. Most don’t realize the effects that design has within their changing lifestyle. One may not know that, “many graphic designers are hard-wired to control their environment” (Heller, Steven). Graphic design all starts with color and color always starts with psychology. A simple …show more content…

Graphics are not only used to sell things or for persuasion in all cases. They are most importantly used to improve the world. When a business has, a design created for them, it could potentially make a huge difference in the way the company perceives what is around them. If you think about it, there probably isn’t one business that doesn’t have a graphic that represents them.

Every single graphic made was created specifically for one place or thing. Graphics are a way of communication for the world. Designers have huge influences! There are many things that graphics can do also. According to Celebrate Design, “graphic design does many things like; connects, informs, assists, delights and influences”, (AIGA). Each design has an intention and a function; each also has many commercial benefits. A human first makes a design, another human than sees the design, and then that human reflects the portrayed message onto the rest of humanity. It’s a never-ending cycle.

“Graphic, product, and interactive design are key in almost everything we experience today” (Heller, Steven). There was a reason behind what it says and what it’s meaning is. Some designs are more focused towards men and some more directed towards women. It depends on who is more likely to see the product. Graphic designers have a way of creating things that effect decision making and the way the brain thinks. It all links back to psychology; most times even what colors are put into what is

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