Odd One Out Essay

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When everyone else is doing it, we do it, too. When everyone in the class cheats, we also cheat. When everyone in the government corrupts, we also corrupt. When everyone else is apathetic and ignoring, we also do not care. No one likes to stand up, and do the right thing because no one wants to be the odd one out. We don’t want to be branded as killjoys. Although, there are a few who choose to stand by what they know is right, despite the negative feedback of other people. Similarly, this also happens in business. When everyone commits fraud, we also do the same crime. However, there are some business people who decide to do their jobs well and clean. Instead of illegally gaining, they earn legally and with integrity. Despite the…show more content…
When properly managed and executed, the use of ethics in business can actually serve to enhance the profitability of the company concerned. The business can proudly declare their values in brochures, newspapers, internet, and television marketing campaigns. Reputation is the strongest asset that a company has; and maintaining this and the value of their brands is essential to the long term future of the business. Although not in business, a very good comparison of doing good even when everyone else is not is Mr. Efren Peñaflorida. On November 22, he was named CNN Hero of the Year for 2009. He was not just doing good by standing up to a gang leader, and refusing to join the gang when most of the students in his school joined a gang. He did far greater than that. Through his Dynamic Teen Company, he educated poor children who did not have the opportunity to go to school, and diverted them to be productive instead of becoming addicts and dropouts. He, along with his teen volunteers, used a pushcart classroom to teach these children reading, writing, arithmetic, and English. They also taught them how to take a bath, brush their teeth, and wash their hands. Until this day, his group and volunteers are growing, as well as the number of children they are helping. Even when most did nothing about this problem in education, not even the government, Mr. Peñaflorida did what he
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