Ode To Joy Beethoven

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What is the purpose of life? Making money, travel around the world, or peaceful? It is about all of these three reasons or more than that, and the best word to describe about our purposed of life is “joy”. Why people want to get rich, why people like to travel around the world, and why people love peaceful? Because they are looking for the word “joy”. Maybe, the regular people like us could not fully understand the word “joy”, but Ludwig van Beethoven, who is one of greatest world composer, would completely understand the world “joy”, which let him wrote the Ninth symphony with the song “Ode to Joy”. I am feel so lucky when North Carolina symphony brought the Beethoven’s Ninth symphony right on time for my music concert review.
The symphony
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125, “Choral” of Beethoven. It had lead by conductor Grant Llewellyn, baritone Jr. Reginald Smith, tenor Anthony Dean Griffey, Soprano Rebecca Evans, and mezzo – soprano Paula Murrihy. There is a purpose for conductor Llewellyn decided to choose Metamorphosen: A Study for 23 Solo String of Richard to start up. Metamorphosen is a despair of Strauss about Nazi Germany. Every instruments have its own melody line, some other can play double for emphasis reason, but it all get together nicely. The fusion of all instruments made the song more earnestly and regret about Strauss and society around him. The end of the song is the moment Strauss connected from Beethoven’s “Eroica” symphony, which lead to second part of the concert The Ninth Symphony. At the time, Beethoven wrote the symphony, he is deaf and beset. The unfulfilled of commission was the motivation for Beethoven finish the Ninth Symphony. The ideas for the Ninth Symphony started around 1817 – 1818, and Beethoven wants to have a couple symphony, which has the choral finish from the text of Greek mythology. Finally, the symphony got finish in 1824 and it became one of the most famous symphony of Beethoven.
The first movement of the Ninth symphony is allegro ma non troppo, un poco maestoso, which is a relly common type in clacsical music at that time. The movement is fast, but it not really fast.
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The four movement had written with presto – allegro assai type. It began with fast melody, strong and loud. Sometime in the beginning of the movement, I heard the similar sound with the first movement, second movement, and the third movement. Would Beethoven actually have inserted a tiny piece of music from each movement into this final movement to recall for the entire of symphony? Before the movement get to the point of choral, there is a same melody keep playing with different tempo. It was louder and louder until the sudden point, it just repeats the same melody and same tempo. The moment baritone sang was surprise me. His voice is strong, deep, warm, and loud; the sound from all the instruments was not overwhelm him. The instruments are a perfect background to make his voice become brighter. Soprano voice is another voice make me love. I like the way she sang, the sound from her voice could every other voices in the concert hall. Soprano voice is extremely high, but it does not make me feel uncomfortable. She also knows how to control her voice to make it implement into the group of people to make the movement become remarkable. Once the last piece of music end, there is a longest clap I had ever seen in my life. The audience appreciated for all the work of these musician had done, for the beautiful music, and for a greatest composer.
This symphony is an awesome
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