Ode to the West Wind Essay

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Wild West Wind An ode is a poem with extraordinary lyrics, aiming at loftier thought, and more complex formal structure than most lyrics. Another characteristic of an ode is that they are often addressed at something or someone. An ode is a long lyric poem, highly interested in a specific subject, tone, and style, often written to celebrate an event, person, being or power. In which in "Ode to the West wind", Shelley describes the winds mighty power and fierce strength, for example in "Ode to the West Wind," Shelley writes: "Wild Spirit, which art moving everywhere; Destroyer and preserver; hear, oh, hear!"(Pg.447, line's 13 and 14). The ode provides the readers to take a ride to
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All theses characteristics express the impression that the wind is an absolute and free power, which influences everything around it. Seeing the mighty influence of the wind on nature, appeals to his very own spirit so that he can also influence and change things around him. He wants to be able to influence the world with his power such as the wind does for nature. So he calls to the wild wind to help him as if praying to it, he says: "Drive my dead thoughts over the universe like withered leaves to quicken a new birth!"(Pg.449, lines 63 and 64). He wants to move along the new changes in his society through this poem asking the wind to disperse his words and personal views throughout all mankind.

Throughout the poem Shelley argues, how good can come from evil. For instance, Shelley supports this idea in the way he orders the sections. The first two sections contain images of violence, death, and the coming Winter: the West Wind itself; the "leaves dead"; the colors yellow, black, pale, and "hectic red"; the "corpse within a grave"; the "angels of rain and lightning"; the Maenad, and the "approaching storm." In short, these first two sections describe images of evil: the West Wind brings death, cold, and hardship. The third section describes images of peace and serenity: the "blue Mediterranean," "summer dreams," "sleep," "old palaces and towers," the "azure moss and flowers," and the "oozy woods." These images
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