Odessy Essay: Whos to Blame

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Tyler D’Agostino Mr. Martino English 10 Section 6 2 November 2012 Who’s To Blame? In Homer’s Epic, The Odyssey Odysseus the leader of Ithaca goes through very long troublesome and painful journey after fighting in the Trojan War. Throughout the whole epic, learning and experiencing his long expedition, the reader can decide who is to blame. Many Greek people would…show more content…
5. 157). This shows how Odysseus is being detained in a cave with Calypso, his “willing” lover and also how Odysseus is disinclined and hesitant to her temptation but his opposition was not enough to resist her lust. Odysseus is furthermore sadden because he is very Homesick shown as he is described, “wrenching his heart with sobs and groans and anguish gazing out over the barren sea through barren sea through, blinding tears” (5. 157). Odysseus is longing for his home wanting to return were he belongs. He has been with nymphs for eight out of his ten year journey, so they are definitely factors to his long journey home. The second group of characters that lead to Odysseus’s anguish filled journey is his own crew. A crew is as vital to a ship as a captain is, if not more important. A crew is also expected to be loyal to their captain through thick and thin, something that is tested throughout the epic. Odysseus’ crew goes through a lot while on their journey home even after serving in the Trojan War. These events include multiple deaths of the crew such as being killed by menacing monsters such as the Cyclopes, Scylla and Charybdis along with being turned into pigs, losing their desire from the lotus flower and much more. The crew eventually becomes mutinous when Erylolchus persuades the men to kill and eat the cattle that belong to Helios and that are so essential to their passage home. The

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