Odysseus A Hero

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“Was Odysseus a hero?” When you think of a hero do you think of someone that can fly or that can lift a bus full of people? That is not the answer to all cases of heros. Some heros are just normal people that go throughout their day working or cooking. Other heroes are written in Greek Mythology, or even more specific, the Odyssey. Odysseus is the main character in the Odyssey, and he is labeled as a “hero”. But is that true? Would a hero tie his men to the mass of a ship just because they did not follow the certain task they were given? I would think a hero would give graciousness to any and all of his men. I believe that this act that Odysseus put forth was a minor act of heroicness. This deed was not an act of all things heroic. Firstly, in my eye I believe all heroes should have sort of drive in their soul. In the Odyssey, Odysseus went through all of these obstacles just to get home to his wife and son. He was unhesitant when he was given the sight on his journey home, no matter how intense the situation was he did not stop and hesitate, or rethink his actions to get home. Whenever his men were killed and drowned by Zeus, he continued his traveling because he wanted to get home to his city and save the people of Ithaca. He was devoted to get home to bring his home and family to safety.
Secondly, leadership is one of the most important trait a hero should have. Whenever the witch Circe warned him about the Sirens he developed an intelligent plan to get past this

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