Odysseus : A Hero : The Common Perceptions Of A Hero

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Not all heroes come in movies or little kid books. Some heroes come from thousands of years ago and are nothing like the heroes of today. Keep reading and you’ll find out what I mean! Some heroes are known for saving the day and having a happy ever after, but for this hero, nothing good happened for a long time. This hero, who goes by Odysseus, went through very tough times before he even saw a glimpse of happiness after twenty long years. This hero’s journey happened over a thousand years ago in the Ancient Greece. Odysseus and his men sailed across the seas to fight in the Trojan War, but, because of his men’s stupidity, took him longer to get home then he was planning to.In this story, there are many archetypes and the three I will be talking about are; the hero archetype, the monster archetype, and the sidekick archetype.
The first archetype I will be explaining is the hero archetype. The hero archetype is a character that shows hero characteristics. For example, a quote to help my statement is, “common perceptions of a hero include an individual who has the courage of conviction to perform feats that benefit the general populace, acts as a soldier of virtue, and has an altruistic spirit that urges him or her to act against evil and defend the greater good at all cost, even sacrificing his own well-being or life”(2)”The Hero’s Journey”. A hero should have the attitude to do whatever it takes to be the best hero he or she could be. Also a hero should be a good example
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