Odysseus As A Hero

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Many modern day stories feature brave, mighty heroes who go on great adventures to complete a daunting task. How can we spot which characters are considered heroes? Odysseus traits that qualify him to be a hero can be identified using Maria Gavilan’s article, “The Hero’s Journey”, that summarizes the ideas from Joseph Campbell’s book, A Hero with a Thousand Faces. The story that will be analyzed is the Odyssey, an epic poem by Homer which tells the story of Odysseus trying to get back to his home in Ithaca. Odysseus qualifies as a hero because he meets the following components based on Joseph Campbell's Model because he has traits or abilities that match up with Joseph Campbell’s model, is tested many times along his journey and is given a main quest to complete Odysseus is special because he is stronger and more clever than all the other men making him a better warrior. According to Maria Gavilan’s article heroes often have “A special (and often magical) item that assist the hero on their quest”. This item does not have to be physical and could be a trait or ability which is what's shown in the Odyssey. In the Odyssey, Odysseus says “I am Laertes’ son, Odysseus. Men hold me for guile in peace and war: this fame has gone abroad to the sky’s rim”(Homer 17-20) and “Did I not keep my nerve, and use my wits to find a way out for us”(Homer Lines 760-770). Both of these quotes from the Odyssey tell the reader that Odysseus is smarter and a better warrior than the others.

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