Odysseus Characterization Paper

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The Odyssey Even when faced with adversity an exceptional leader continues to persevere to eventually reach an end goal. Leadership is to influence your followers and create a path to success. If our leaders do not have endurance in the face of opposition and are not willing to make personal sacrifices, we would not be able to compete in todays global environment. Today leaders develop talent by investing in education and equal rights. In The Odyssey, the protagonist is a leader named Odysseus who goes on a journey with his crew to get back home to Ithaka from Troy, after the trojan war. In the epic poem, The Odyssey, the poet Homer, suggests that Odysseus is a superior leader which is revealed by Odysseus's, bravery, intelligence, and…show more content…
In the end Odysseus's scheme succeeds to provide arms for him and his accomplices, but the suitors are still able to gain weapons. Without perspicacity strength and bravery are nothing. What sets Odysseus apart from other Greek heroes is that he prefers to fight with his brain rather than with his brawn. Odysseus's reason also helps him make up for the fact that unlike the other Greek heroes, he does not have immortality. Lastly, Odysseus's perseverance made it possible for him to finally make it home to Ithaka, his persistence effects his crew which looks up to him for guidance.When Odysseus arrives home he describes what he had to endure to his wife Penelope: “’My lady, / what ordeals have we not endured! Here, waiting/ you had your grief, while my return dragged out-/ my hard adventures, pitting myself against/ the god’s will… But now our life resumes: we’ve come together to our longed-for-bed”’ (Homer 23. 394-400). Both Odysseus and his wife have to cope with many challenges throughout Odysseus's 20 year absence. Even after his crew perished and he is left shipless, Odysseus does not give up. Likewise, when Odysseus has to sacrifice his men in a fight against Skylla, he grieves for his loss but he understands that he must push on : “Now I let go with hands and feet, plunging/ straight into the foam beside the timbers, /pulled astride, /and rowed hard with my hands/ to pass
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