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Ships, open sea, spells, one eyed monsters, and boundless adventure is but some of the many exciting and thrilling features of the book The Odyssey. Favored by the gods, and a great man of war, Odysseus was a man to be looked upon with respect. After the war between the Trojans and Greeks had finally ceased, it was time for Odysseus and his men to return home, yet fate held another plan. “Just as I have come from afar, creating pain for many, men and women across the good green earth, so let his name be Odysseus, the Son of Pain, a name he’ll earn in full.” –The odyssey chapter 19. Odysseus’s grandfather spoke this quote unto him as an infant, describing how one day he would grow as a man enduring many trials and making it through…show more content…
Physical strength had also been blessed upon Odysseus, which allowed him to greatly influence the war. Nevertheless, it was Odysseus smart mind that helped the Greeks conquer Troy with the Trojan horse, not as much as his physical strength. These are only some of Odysseus many strengths. Odysseus’s natural tendency under pressure is to think his plan through and analyze the circumstance quickly and accurately. For example, when he and his men were stuck in the Cyclops cave, the crew picked up their swords and were ready to fight, yet wise Odysseus remained calm and told them to lower their weapons, for who would roll away the giant stone doorway if they killed him? Instead they got him into a drunken stupor and gouged his eye out. Successfully their plan worked and they safely made it out of the deadly cave. Another situation in which Odysseus remained calm was when he had to endure watching the horrible suitors mistreat his house, family, and world. He lived by the rule that there is always a certain time and place for anger. Nonetheless, Odysseus’s natural tendency under pressure is to remain calm, cool, and collected.
Of all that breathes and crawls across the earth, our mother earth breeds nothing feebler than a man. So long as the gods grant him power,
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