Odysseus Is A True Hero

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In the Greek literature of mythology, we have examined Odysseus. Students and scholars alike debate whether Odysseus was a true hero, as read in The Odyssey. There is much supporting evidence to prove all sides of the debate and opinions held of Odysseus. It is of my opinion that Odysseus is a hero in his homeland, his family, the Greek people, and for us to learn from to this day. Odysseus had encompassed three many qualities that I believe made him a hero. He embodied, mental strength, physical strength, and spiritual strength. I would like to advocate for why Odysseus was a hero.
To support my reasons for my topic, I want to explore Odysseus in the physical strength he had to overcome extreme conditions that he faced on his journey. For example, during one part of his voyage, Odysseus came upon the Sirens. He knew that if he gave into the temptation of their song, he would be killed. Odysseus, had made wax in ear plugs for his crew to use when they came upon the journey that the sirens were waiting. When they began to approach the sirens, he filled the ears of each one of his men with the wax. He chooses not to use the wax. Instead he ordered his men to bind him hand and foot upright to the mast. He was painfully strapped to the ship, in order to not be pulled into the lair of the siren’s song. Once they past them safely they were safe and he was free. He is a hero to his crew because he made each one of them, the wax for their ears and they were safe. He thought of

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