Odysseus The Beast Analysis

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After our encounter with the wretched Cyclops beast by the name of Polyphemus, in the land of the Cyclops, my crew and I were able to escape his wrath of being pleted by boulders larger than any mere mortal could ever imagine. I, overwhelmed with pride, felt that he and his people did deserve a declaration of my glories and the knowledge that who has defeated them was no mere man but Odysseus, conqueror of Troy, son of Laertes, legendary warrior of Ithaca.

My crewmates, however, did not seem to share the same feelings I had expressed. Some were accusing me of being a terrible captain, and a warrior who doesn’t deserve respect because of my inability to control my arrogance. I was shocked and disgusted with my crew and their comments towards
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It is the only way, even if it may put me into sorrow later on, but it was for a greater cause. A cause to return to my homeland safely and regain my right to the throne as king. I ordered to my men to bring out the many chests that were stored in my quarters on my ship this instance and that I have devised a plan to flee this place. The soldiers, strategically, pounced from boulder to boulder, using them as cover from the rocks Garlogos was levitating from the earth with his feet in the ground and throwing them with each sway of his three heads. They all soon arrived successfully with each chest to where I was. There, I proposed my idea, “ With these chests, filled with gold and riches, I shall sacrifice every last ounce to this beast and request for granting us a safe journey back home and let us leave this Island peacefully. I do not wish to be a burde to you all for my selfishness of hoarding everything for myself and not share anything with you. You are all truly entitled to receive the same treatment as I have. I understand that I may have been a great warrior in the battle of Troy, but to me, it would not be just to leave you all empty handed, for as you too have contributed significantly on our journey up until this point. This includes you Calemeos and I do deeply apologize for my actions on the ship, that does not represent who I really am. In fact, I apologize to all of you. I must know to control my self pride and to show that I have changed, I will prove it by giving away all these treasures for you, for us, for Ithaca.” The crew stood and stared at me. Some began to weep, others saluted me with honor. With that, I asked my soldiers to assist me in pushing the chests to the center of the beach and open them to reveal the gold to Garlogos. When opened, the gold and metals beamed all sorts of colors in the light, and that finally gained Garlogos’s attention. I announced, “Garlogos, might
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