Odysseus: an Epic Hero

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Picture this: a hero of great legends who travels to the underworld and back to get directions to his home from a blind prophet. It sounds like quite an impossible journey, but that is exactly what makes Odysseus all the more fascinating. The Odyssey, an epic poem orally transmitted by Homer, a Greek poet who wrote The Iliad, had to contain some variety of attributes that Greeks valued in a person. That one embodiment of what the Greeks found intriguing in a character is Odysseus. Odysseus is known as what is called an epic hero. An epic hero is a protagonist of a story that represents the most important attributes of a civilization. Odysseus, being based in ancient Greece, is the embodiment of intelligence, loyalty, and strength. To…show more content…
To continue, a second trait that makes Odysseus an epic hero is his loyalty. Despite all the trouble that happens to Odysseus and his men, he manages to stay loyal to them until their end. For example, when he one of his men reminds him of Ithaca, he could have simply chosen to stay on her island, but instead decides that he and his men must leave their paradise and continue their journey back to Ithaca. When Odysseus sends his men to see what riches may be on Circe’s island, he takes half of his men and watches the ship. It may not seem like much, but this is actually an act of loyalty towards his men because he could have just left the ship behind and possibly have lost their only transportation off of the island. “Against Eurylochus’ advice, however Odysseus rushes to save his men from the enchantress…” (10.47-10.48). When Eurylochus tells Odysseus of what has happened to his men, he does not follow Eurylochus’s pleas to flee. Instead, he decides to rescue his men from the witch. This shows Odysseus’s loyalty because he could have simply escaped from the island with the rest of his men. Furthermore, another characteristic that makes Odysseus an epic hero is his enormous amount of strength. When he returns to home to Ithaca, he finds a large number of suitors who are trying to marry his wife. On that day, she decides to have a contest in which the winner would be

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