Odysseus the Epic by Homer

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Ever since the beginning of time men and women have told countless stories of adventure, discovery, and conquest. These stories often divulge the grand adventures of epic heroes. An epic hero is someone with abundant importance whose actions involve perilous journeys and marvelous warrior skills in war or battle (Abram). In Homer’s Odyssey, Odysseus, the king of the great island of Ithaca, is called to fight alongside the Greeks in the Trojan War. The Greeks defeated the Trojans with the help of clever Odysseus’ Trojan horse. Odysseus qualifies as an epic hero because, like all epic heroes, Odysseus undertakes a long, dangerous journey, demonstrates his extraordinary speaking skills by speaking to countless friends and enemies with…show more content…
He curses Antinous after he throws a stool at him, rather than providing him with any sort of food. By the law of the gods, all guests must be treated with respect when they enter your city or home. Although Odysseus’ curse does not do anything to Antinous, this curse frightens the rest of the suitors who believe that the beggar could be a god in disguise. The curse is a demonstration of his incredible speaking skills, and helps prove that Odysseus is an epic hero. While on Ithaca, Odysseus is severely outnumbered and resorts to whatever methods he can think of to defeat them (Frank). His clever disguise as a beggar is a method that Odysseus used to defeat the beggars by entering his palace. Odysseus’ persuasive, magnificent, and incredible speaking skills help prove that he is becoming an epic hero. All epic heroes have to face supernatural or superhuman forces or foes (Allingham). Odysseus also faces and defeats divine gods, Cyclopes, and other supernatural beings. The most dangerous foe that Odysseus has to face is Poseidon, god of the sea. Poseidon puts a curse on Odysseus, making his journey much longer and more difficult than it had to be. Odysseus overcomes Poseidon’s curse by surviving and overcoming the obstacles that Poseidon creates along his journey back to Ithaca. Later in his journey, Odysseus must conquer is the Cyclops, Polyphemus. Odysseus is able to overcome Polyphemus by driving a stick into his eye. Odysseus rams the stick “deep into
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