Odysseus's Appearance in The Odyssey and the Iliad

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In the works we have read so far there are many characters that show up more than once. These characters demonstrate the thoughts of the author they were written by. We can find information about Greek culture by analyzing the different texts that characters show up in. I am going to argue that Odysseus is a smart, versatile, and cunning character that shows a different type of masculinity than is portrayed by other characters. The first text that gives Odysseus a major role is the Iliad. When Agamemnon suggests to his men that they sail home they do not hesitate in agreeing and stream out to their ships. Odysseus steps in, restrains them and brings them back to the assembly (Homer, Iliad 2.55-225). Odysseus can be seen here as a keeper of peace and order. He does not allow the men to take the easy way out. Once the men have left the ships the fool, Thersites, begins to shout at Agamemnon. Odysseus and Achilles both share a mutual hatred of this man because of his constant provocation. Before Odysseus attacks Thersites physically he takes an opportunity to voice his opinion, calling him “nothing but trash” (Homer, Iliad 2.269). Only after he has delivered a lengthy speech to the man does he resort to violence, to the joy of all the people watching the scene. They go on to praise him for all the “good things [he] has done for the Greeks” (Homer, Iliad 2.295). It is notable that he rouses the men with his words, something most of the other heroes do not have the

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