Odyssey Archetype Essay

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The topic of this essay is about The Odyssey. As Odysseus continues his journey home he has no idea what 's heading his way. He loses, gains, and learns new skills and things that have changed him tremendously. He was not the same man he was twenty years ago. He shows archetypes of a hero to his disappearing crew. Then he shows it to his family member. How much can change in twenty years? Apparently a lot can transform a man who has had crazy experiences. This story was about three-thousand years ago. The people were called the Greeks. The Greeks valued their gods very much. They had many values to honor such as hospitality or sacrifices. They were very kind people. Although they like war, they like peace better. The Odyssey is an Epic…show more content…
“In essence… forces”(pg4, A Hero’s Adventure). To be a hero you have to overcome all your fears. He/she will go above and beyond to help someone other than themselves. Odysseus stepped over and went above and beyond to make sure his soldiers are safe and treated well. “Not for the whole treasures of your fathers” (611, Homer). Killing the suitors to get his wife and son back shows both heroism and father like qualities. He gives the suitors a speech before he kills them. He needed to get that revenge to fill his void of missing his son and wife and the way he was disrespected. He needed to show them that he was offended by them, but not intimidated.

The last and final archetype is “The Temptress”. A example of this is when Odysseus has to cross paths with the Sirens. “ The lovely voices in ardor appealing over the water made me crave to listen, and I tried to say ‘untie me!’ to the crew, jerking my brows, but they bent steady to the oars”. In addition to the example I just showed proves the archetype because it says “ Circe, a seductress who turns sailors into pigs”. It also states “Another shape-shifting element is the demi-god Proteus”. When you put this into a situation of a family that is not doing so well you can see that often a man could drift off and get drawn to a temptress.The Temptress - A beautiful woman who seduces the hero or the man in power. Importantly this is an unfortunate

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