Odyssey Archetype Essay

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A strong and courageous hero, who even through challenging journeys, finds fortitude and perseveres to accomplish his vast adventure. The goal is to return home to his wife and son, safe and alive. The tale of this god-like man, named Odysseus, and the archetypes he encounters is a great and epic one. His cunningness and wit is always set to the test against either gruesome, horrific monsters or his own inner battles. The time period this story takes place in is in the twelfth century B.C.E. Ten years after the fall of the city of Troy. The genre of The Odyssey is an epic poem and as for literary information, it features Odysseus’s long ten year struggle to return home. The main topic is Archetypes and Greek Culture in The Odyssey. The topics that will be discussed are just three out of several archetypes in The Odyssey such as The Hero’s Journey, Monsters, and The Father/Son reunion. With these, the modern reader may gain some insights about the Greek culture from the way the author , Homer, has used them.
First off, with The Hero’s journey archetype, it generally contains the storyline of the hero who undergoes a quest and performs feats that benefits the general populace as an example “While he fought only to save his life to bring his shipmates home.” (pg.561) is just a quote that shows his great dedication to being a good leader and looking after his shipmates. A situation in which shows what the hero through his journey encounters is The Sirens. The Sirens happen to be

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