Odyssey Vs Aeneid Research Paper

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Odyssey vs. Aeneid

Virgil is the man that wrote the Aeneid and Homer is the man that wrote the Odyssey. (Virgil Roman Poet) Virgil’s real name is Publius Vegilius Maro, and he was a Roman poet. (Virgil Roman Poet) The Aeneid is what he was best known for. (Virgil Roman Poet) Virgil was born on October 17th as a member of low class farm family. (Virgil Roman Poet) The countryside is what inspired a lot of his poetry. (Virgil Roman Poet) He was known by the Romans as their “Greatest poet.” (Virgil Roman Poet) He still holds that title till this day. He devoted his life to poetry and the studies that came with it. (Virgil Roman Poet) Virgil died on September 21 in 19 BCE. (Virgil Roman Poet) Many say that Virgil’s dying wish …show more content…

(Odyssey by Ancient Greek Poet Homer) The Odyssey, written from 743-713 BC was the sequel to the Iliad. (Odyssey by Ancient Greek Poet Homer) The Odyssey focuses on the main character, Odysseus, and his ten year journey from Troy to Ithaca after the fall of the Trojan War. (Odyssey by Ancient Greek Poet Homer) It talks about the aftermath of the war and the effect it had on Odysseus’ family as well as the dangerous obstacles he had to face trying to make it home to his family. (Odyssey by Ancient Greek Poet Homer) Odysseus’ wife and son have to deal with annoying suitors that want to marry her because they think her husband is dead. (Odyssey by Ancient Greek Poet Homer)
The Aeneid and the Odyssey have many similarities. For one, they are both epic poems, they both have heroes who travel and sail the seas fighting creatures and killing their enemies. The main characters or heroes in both epic poems were both traveling from Troy. They gods play a part in both of the epic poems. They love to meddle with the lives of the humans. The gods either help them to get where they need to go or do everything in their power to stop them from getting there. Both epic poems begin near the end of the journey, Odysseus will be in Ithaca in a few days and Aeneas will be in Italy in a

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