Odyssey vs. Finding Nemo

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Epics Over the Years The Odyssey, a historical epic, was the first written of its kind. Since then, many stories’ plots have focused on the characteristics that made it an epic, such as Finding Nemo. Although the Odyssey was written many years ago, Finding Nemo’s qualities are along the same lines. Both stories contain characters on a journey in search of something of significance. Monsters threaten the quest home, helpers assist the heroes on their journeys, the heroes are glorified in the end, and there is a strong relationship between a parent and their child. Some of these are more commonly found or recognized than others. The most commonly used motif of all is the quest for something of importance. In the Odyssey,…show more content…
Another theme of an epic that the Odyssey and Finding Nemo share is the characters that assist Odysseus and Marlin along the way. Odysseus had the help of Athena, Hermes, Eumaus and many others on his long and rough journey to Ithaca (Homer). If Odysseus would not have had their help, he might not have made home. Marlin also had his share of friends to help him along the way, such as Dory, who was with him every step of the way, the sea turtles, who helped him on the East Australian Current, and the Pelican, who kept Marlin from being eaten and took him to Nemo (Stanton). Just like Odysseus, Marlin would not have been able to save his son without the help of the others along the way. Glorification of the hero at the end of the story is another motif the Odyssey and Finding Nemo share. Odysseus is seen as a hero for surviving all his hardships, and for coming back home and saving his family from the suitors (Homer). Marlin is also glorified as a hero of the sea for advancing past the sharks and swimming across the sea. He is also praised by his son for being so brave and fearless (Stanton). Although both Odysseus and Marlin would have taken these journeys without being exalted, they were still envied by many for their heroic journeys. Finding Nemo and the Odyssey also share the theme of a parent and child relationship. In the Odyssey, Odysseus was away from home for the first twenty years of his son’s

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