Oedipus: Blindness Essay examples

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Blindness in Oedipus

Oedipus thought his life was great. Feeling powerful and almighty, Oedipus was wonderful at solving riddles, but did not like the answer to the riddle of who he really was. Although many told him to stop trying to figure out the answer, it was not in his nature to give up. Oedipus thought he could see everything, but he was actually blind of the truth about his life until the end. In the beginning, Oedipus is told by Teiresias that he lives in shame. Of course, Oedipus feels that Teiresias is blind of not only sight, but knowledge: The truth is strong, but not your truth. You have no truth. You're blind. Blind in your eyes. Blind in your ears. Blind in your mind.
Oedipus thinks he is
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Oedipus wants to reveal the truth of his life: Let it break! Let everything break! I must discover who I am, know the secret of my birth, no matter how humble, how vile. Perhaps Jocasta is ashamed of my low birth, ashamed to be my wife. Like all women she's proud.
Although Oedipus says he wants to know who he really is, Oedipus is still being "blind" during the whole situation. Oedipus is now thinking of what he feels could be the worst of who he really is. Thinking he is from a lower family and that his wife may be ashamed, Oedipus still wants to hear the truth. If Oedipus could actually see clearly, he would know that the blind prophet and his wife were right about him and that he would harm everyone by revealing the truth. Oedipus is far from the truth. Oedipus finally realized that Teiresias could actually see, and that he is the one who is actually blind. Oedipus could see with his eyes, but not with his mind: LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT never again flood these eyes with your white radiance, oh gods, my eyes. All, all the oracles have proven true. I, Oedipus, I am the child of parents who should never have been mine—doomed, doomed!
Oedipus finally realizes how "blind" he has actually been. He now can say that he can "see", even if it is not what he wanted to see and know. The "LIGHT" represents answers and truth of his life. Kilborne points out that by knowing the truth, Oedipus is seeing: It would
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