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Brock Bilger ENGL 102 Research Paper October 14, 2011 Outline: I. The introduction and brief statement about the drama II. Discuses the theme of the paper and how it relates to the drama III. The Tragic hero definition and how that applies to the play IV. The big revaltion in the play that Oedipus sees V. Talk about Apollos power and the meaning of that and conclude to paper with that. The first criterion of a Greek tragedy is that the protagonist be a good person; doubly blessed with a good heart and noble intention. Sophocles reveals immediately at the start of the play that Oedipus is such a man. As is common in the Greek tragedy Oedipus is also an aristocrat. Born of the King and Queen of Thebes he is of…show more content…
Which is displayed in a blindness that is transmitted throughout. Oedipus refuses to believe Tiresias because he is a blind man and he tells him, ”You’ve lost your power, stone-blind, stone-deaf--senses, eyes blind as stone!’-’this fortune-teller peddling lies, eyes peeled for his own profit-seer blind in his craft!”(1235). But Tiresias not only foretells Oedipus’ fate but also predicts his physical blindness when he tells him, ”I pity you, flinging at me the very insults each man here will fling at you so soon’ ... ‘This day will bring your birth and your destruction”(1235-1236). Even though Oedipus is told time and again. His unremitting blindness keeps him from seeing the whole truth and allows him to live a contented life as king. The revelation in this play comes shortly after Oedipus’ wife tells him, "The heralds no sooner reported Laius dead than you appeared and they hailed you king of Thebes“ (1244). His response to this news tells volumes, “I think I’ve just called down a dreadful curse upon myself--I simply didn’t know” (1244). He then refers to Tiresias’ vision dualistically, “ I have a terrible fear the blind seer can see” (1244). After Jocasta’s late-breaking news, Oedipus recounts the essentials of when he killed a man at a triple crossroad because the story correlates to the murder of Laius. He then begins to feel Apollo’s hand in this. “Wasn’t I born for torment? Look me in the eyes’ ... ‘Wouldn’t a man of judgment say ... some
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